Follow me on my campaign trail and get an inside view:

23th March, 2013

Huge bike rallies in Bokakhat and Sarupather

20th March, 2013

Interacting with veteran Congress leaders in Bokakhat Assembly

18th March, 2013

Interacting with party workers in Dergaon before the meeting begins

17th March, 2013

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi explaining the Congress values of public service and development to party workers in Amoni

16th March, 2013

At a public meeting of the Assam Gorkha Sammelan on Rong Bong

14th March, 2013

Late night political rally in Tinsukia meeting

13th March, 2013

Interacting with a group of young cricketers near Ambagan

11th March, 2013

The above picture is from a rally held in Rupahi, Nagaon. The aim of the rally was to motivate our party to work hard for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections